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Be among the first to experience the power of GenAI AppSuite and help shape the future of AI and coding for AI Dev.

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Introducing an exclusive opportunity from DeepBrainz AI - the leading human-AI collaborator for AI development

We are looking for engaged developers, coders in AI to provide insights that will shape the future of our AI-powered developer tools before public release of GenAI AppSuite.

Exclusive Benefits

As a trusted tester or member of DevConnect, you’ll get the first look at DeepBrainz GenAI AppSuite. As one of our earliest partners, you’ll provide crucial feedback that will directly influence the design and capabilities of these breakthrough tools. 

FREE early access

Test GenAI AppSuite before their public launches and gain a head start on harnessing Gen AI for your work.


Enjoy up to 50% off annual subscriptions for being an early adopter and trusted partner within DevConnect.

Chance to directly INFLUENCE product development

As one of our most trusted partners, your insights and suggestions will be pivotal in our ongoing efforts to build safe and ethical Generative AI dev tools.

Join an elite COMMUNITY of developers and coders

Connect and collaborate with a select group of members or testers on hosted space to strategize AI Dev with our tools.

Recognition for your IMPACT

As our products evolve, top members or testers may have the chance to become evangelists and advocates for DeepBrainz AI and partner with us, contributing to further enhance our AI dev tools and community.

Who we're looking for

We aim to onboard the ideal AI coders, programmers who are experienced AI developers passionate about coding and tech as members and trusted testers demonstrate:

Spend 20+ hours/week coding or dev

Expertise and experience in coding, development or a related field

Have an interest in emerging tech

A basic familiarity of the responsible, safe and ethical use of Generative AI

Seek to improve efficiency and quality

The ability to provide detailed, constructive and actionable feedback

Can commit at least 1 hour per week

Commitment to contributing regularly to the online trusted members or tester community and program

Our Trusted Testers & Members will:

  • Test pre-release AI dev tools features
  • Complete surveys and interviews
  • Identify/Report issues and suggest improvements
  • Share authentic, candid feedback confidentially

Join waitlist now for consideration – spots are limited!

DeepBrainz AI's Guiding Principles

DeepBrainz is founded on the principles of safe and ethical AI. Our goal is to build useful AI applications that empower users, not replace them. As we progress, we remain committed to human oversight, transparency and open dialogue with our customers and the wider community.

- Founder of DeepBrainz AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for the DevConnect Community and Program

What is DevConnect?

DeepBrainz DevConnect is a program and community initiative centered around GenAI AppSuite for AI Dev by DeepBrainz AI that aims to bring together AI enthusiasts, developers, data scientists, and industry experts to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing within the AI and tech ecosystem particularly with Fast Track Early Access (FTEA) and Trusted Tester Program (TTP).

Where is DevConnect as a community currently hosted?

DeepBrainz DevConnect as a developer community hosted by DeepBrainz AI on the Discord server.

What is FTEA and TTP?

FTEA is the Fast Track Early Access for the trusted community members who prefer to get only early access benefit but still required to provide user feedback or participate user research surveys and TTP is the Trusted Tester Program for the trusted community tester who prefer not only to avail early access benefit but also the full DevConnect benefits per the program page information along with the mentioned requirements to join.

What are the requirements to join as a tester?

These prerequisites are mainly applicable for trusted testers who need to complete a short application, agree the program terms, sign an NDA, and set up a product account after the sign up for DevConnect’s TTP on this page below and once you get your invite.

How long until I get access if selected as a tester?

Within 48 hours of being selected and completing prerequisites digitally.

Will everyone who applies get access?

Yes. But we have limited availability as testers. And all waitlisted trusted members get the exclusive community access, early access, beta priority via FTEA and may become a tester to qualify for all or select program benefits (Only as a tester) via TTP.

What is the time commitment for the testing?

1 hour per week or 4-5 hours total over a 4-week testing period.

When will testing start?

We plan to begin testing in H2 2023. We’ll start inviting waitlist members to join the program on a rolling basis at that time.

Can I refer others to apply?

Yes, please share our signup page link so they can join the waitlist! Your referrals will be counted towards our upcoming referral program benefits to be announced later.

How can I learn more about DevConnect or GenAI AppSuite?

To learn more about DevConnect or GenAI AppSuite, or communicate your suggestions, please contact us at DeepBrainz AI’s Email Address or alternatively at our Contact Us page anytime.

How to custom feedback and express your concerns, or leave the waitlist?

To opt out or express your concerns and custom feedback, please email us at Testers’ Email Address anytime.

Sign Up DevConnect's FTEA

DevConnect’s FTEA, the Fast Track Early Access Program of the DeepBrainz DevConnect Community for availing the Faster Early Access to the GenAI AppSuite’s AI Dev Tools

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Human-Centered GenAI AppSuite for AI Dev

Sign Up DevConnect's TTP

DevConnect’s TTP, the Trusted Tester Program of the DeepBrainz DevConnect Community to avail the full DevConnect program benefits as a Truster Tester for the GenAI AppSuite’s AI Dev Tools

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