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Innovation Reimagined: Unlock the Future of AI DevX
Whether you’re a coder, data scientist, or developer, we have you covered. Dive into AI development with GenAI AppSuite’s intuitive tools. Create smarter AI applications in less time.
Code Smarter and Faster
Experimentation Made Effortless
Documenting, Simplified
Domain Expertise at Your Fingertips

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Meet Your New AI Collaborator: GenAI AppSuite

Tired of spending hours stuck on tedious coding, experimenting, docs or domain specific guidance for AI dev? GenAI AppSuite is here to help. At DeepBrainz AI, we’re redefining AI development with GenAI AppSuite. It’s not just a toolkit; it’s the innovation your AI projects have been waiting for.

Accelerating AI Coding

Supercharge your AI app development with AI-driven code suggestions and augmentation. Experience the future of coding for AI.

Enhancing AI Experiments

Elevate your AI experiments with tools that simplify DS & ML work with coding assistance, and result interpretation. Accelerate your data-driven journey.

AI Docs Writing

Let AI simplify documentation for your AI projects. Share knowledge effortlessly within your team.

AI Domain Guidance

Access unmatched domain-specific AI guidance. Stay at the forefront of your industry with GenAI AppSuite.

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Embark on a Journey of Innovation: Introducing GenAI AppSuite, Your Catalyst for Next-Gen Collaboration

The GenAI AppSuite is a game-changing innovation in the AI tech world. It’s designed with the vision of fostering human-AI collaboration and making AI development more accessible. 

Code Smarter and Faster

Boost your productivity with AI-driven code suggestions and augmentation.

Elevate Your Experimentation

Streamline AI experimentation with coding assistance and result interpretation for quicker insights.

Simplify Documentation

Effortlessly create comprehensive documentation for your AI projects, facilitating team collaboration.

Unmatched Domain Expertise

Access domain-specific AI guidance to stay ahead in your industry.

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Unleash Your Coding Potential with GenAI AppSuite: Key Benefits

Imagine having a seasoned coder, data scientist, or developer by your side, enhancing your coding experience. DeepBrainz introduces AI Coding Companion– the AI partner revolutionizing your coding.

GenAI AppSuite goes beyond code suggestions, understanding your style, context, and intentions. It streamlines tasks, maintains your approach, and liberates creativity for innovation and complex problem-solving. It empowers experts and beginners alike, optimizing coding and enhancing proficiency.

These revolutionary AI tools from DeepBrainz enhance AI developer workflows, enabling you to code and dev faster and more efficiently.

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Massive Productivity Gains

Enhances coding tasks, accelerates development. Boosts developers' productivity by up to 10X

Streamlined Coding Journey

Save hours spent on research, structure, and refinement. Unleash creativity for innovation and problem-solving.

Personalized Code Crafting

Tailors code to your unique style and project requirements. Maintains your coding approach with customized suggestions.

By H2 2023, DeepBrainz AI plans to:

  • Launch GenAI AppSuite publicly for coder, data scientist, and developer
  • Release customized enterprise-grade or advanced versions as GenAI X Series for specific industries
  • Refine our AI tools based on initial user feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for DeepBrainz GenAI AppSuite and the DevConnect Community for Fast Track Early Access (FTEA) and Trusted Tester Program (TTP)

Is GenAI AppSuite's generated code ethical?

Ensuring the safe and ethical use of our tools is our top priority. While no system is perfect, we have several safeguards in place:

  • We leverage the recommended safety settings for generating code ethically, safely, and securely with our partners’ underlying advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) of GPT-4 32k, GPT3.5 Turbo 16k, PaLM 2 (Codey), CodeLlama variants making GenAI AppSuite safe to work with
  • Expert reviewers constantly monitor GenAI AppSuite’s outputs
  • Humans retain full control over accepting or rejecting suggestions
  • We provide transparency about the tools’ capabilities and limitations
  • We continuously improve the systems based on human feedback

How is GenAI AppSuite's augmented collaborative coding efficient and personalized?

GenAI AppSuite personalizes optimized efficient code suggestions based on:

  • The text or prompts provided by individual users/companies
  • The selections and corrections humans make while using the tools
  • For these AI tools, data from the organization including existing code or content and style guidelines
  • Over time, GenAI AppSuite learns to generate code that is more tailored to the user’s or organization’s preferences and needs.

What is DeepBrainz DevConnect?

DeepBrainz DevConnect is a program and community initiative centered around GenAI AppSuite for AI Dev by DeepBrainz AI that aims to bring together AI enthusiasts, developers, data scientists, and industry experts to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing within the AI and tech ecosystem particularly with Fast Track Early Access (FTEA) and Trusted Tester Program (TTP).

How do I get early access to GenAI AppSuite as a Trusted Tester or Member of DevConnect?

To be considered for early access through our DevConnect community and programs of TTP & FTEA, explore DevConnect and join waitlist. We review all applications and select trusted testers based on:

  • Relevant experience and qualifications
  • Alignment with DeepBrainz’s mission and values
  • Ability to provide high-quality, constructive feedback

You can also get early access as a trusted member via the DevConnect’s FTEA.

When will the full versions of GenAI AppSuite launch?

We are currently inviting developers and trusted testers to gather feedback that helps shape and refine our tools before their public launches. The launch timelines will depend on feedback from our testers and the progress we make towards our rigorous safety and quality standards. We will announce specific launch dates once they are finalized.

Safety and Ethics at DeepBrainz AI

  • DeepBrainz AI is committed to developing AI technology in a responsible manner that empowers, rather than replaces humans.

  • Our team of expert reviewers provide ongoing oversight of GenAI AppSuite’s capabilities and continually monitors its output to ensure ethical use of the AI tech.

  • GenAI AppSuite is designed to act as an intelligent collaborative coding assistant for AI dev providing suggestions, not finalizing decisions on its own.

  • The human retains full control over accepting or rejecting GenAI AppSuite’s proposed text at all times.

DeepBrainz AI's Guiding Principles

DeepBrainz is founded on the principles of safe and ethical AI. Our goal is to build useful AI applications that empower users, not replace them. As we progress, we remain committed to human oversight, transparency and open dialogue with our customers and the wider community.

- Founder of DeepBrainz AI.

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