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Discover all the latest about our products, technology, and DeepBrainz culture on our official blog.

Why DeepBrainz AI?

DeepBrainz Technologies

Why DeepBrainz AI?

We are as DeepBrainz, A DPIIT (DIPP) Recognized AI & Technology  Startup Company, Building, Advancing, Democratizing Tomorrow's  State-of-the-art AI for ALL via Cutting-edge Technologies, Innovation,  Research & Product/Technology Development, for "Empowering  Humanity Universally" via "AI for ALL" Strategic Policy.

DeepBrainz AI is a Hard/High/Deep Tech & AI Company that is  planning to become Global Industries' & Markets' Tech Leader who'll  work to scale across All Horizontal and Vertical Industries' Markets, as we plan to become a Global AI Technology Provider, Applier & Policymaker.
 Our Mission is to "Advancing, Building,  Democratizing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI for ALL to Access, and Use,  for Empowering Humanity Universally”.
  Why DeepBrainz AI? DeepBrainz AI quotes, "A Solution to One Problem can deliver the Solutions to the Other Million Problems". And, is currently "Standing on the shoulders of giants" (i.e following the top AI giants in the global  industry).
 DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI), A Consumer AI as DBZ uAI  Consumer & An Enterprise AI as DBZ uAI Enterprise, is Our Core AI  Product as a Software, Platform, Infrastructure to deliver Best Value of  AI for ALL via AutoML.
 As of now, We've joined our hands with top world tech giants as  the following: A Google Cloud Partner Member, An AWS Partner Network  (APN) Technology Partner, A Microsoft Partner Network MPN Member, An IBM  PartnerWorld Member, An Adobe Exchange Partner  Member, A SAP PartnerEdge – Build (PE Build) Partner Member, A Cloudera  Connect Partner Member, A Confluent Partner Member, A Nutanix Partner  Network Authorized Partner Member, A Salesforce AppExchange Partner, A Red Hat Connect for Technology Partner, A VMware Partner Enrolled Member, An Oracle Partner Network OPN Enrolled Member (also a part of Oracle for Startups), A  Member of DigitalOcean Hatch (A Global Startup Program), An Udacity  Talent Hiring Partner.
 We believe that the Possibilities Are Endless, Since Smart  solutions are at the core of all that we do at DeepBrainz AI. Our main  goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a  better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.
 As we plan for the global Industry Leader position,  DeepBrainz AI will be a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies  and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Founded by me who started by scribbling my ideas on a  piece of paper, today we are to offer smart, innovative services to the  clients worldwide as our fast-growing client base.

DeepBrainz AI Research via AI BRAIN with AIRD, Advancing Tomorrow's State of the art AI for ALL, Since We work on Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science Problems that define Tomorrow's Technology. Our approach to research is as follows;

DeepBrainz tackles the most challenging problems in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.


Our team aspires to make discoveries that  impact everyone, and core to our approach is to share our research and  tools to fuel progress in the field.


Our researchers will publish regularly in  academic journals, release projects as open-source, and apply research  to DeepBrainz products.


The Problems that DeepBrainz AI primarily  focuses on solving are in/from the field of AI and Machine Learning by  conducting Cutting-edge AI Research incl. the basic & long term  research and fundamental applied research along with the  Product Innovation and Contribution. We address the problems arise from  the various challenges of Deep Learning, which is the emerging and  popular sub-field of Machine Learning through Deep Learning Research  with our primary research focus areas as follows;

  1. The AI Explainability or Interpretability
  2. The Bias & Fairness in Data and Algorithms
  3. The Generalizability or Generalization of AI Learning
  4. The Labeling of Massive Training Datasets
  5. The Creation and Acquisition of such Massive Datasets
  6. DeepBrainz AI Research for DeepBrainz Universal AI

We DeepBrainz have just started building MVP as "DeepBrainz Universal AI  (DBZ uAI)" that is for Enterprises such as Healthcare, etc., End Users  (Consumers), Developers, Researchers. And, We're still exploring the  various best SOTA ML and Deep Learning Methods  and will soon have Models on Production.
 DBZ uAI is currently being developed as an MVP that's recently  evolved from its Prototype Design and Implementation using open source  tools such as TensorFlow (Keras) Ecosystem & PyTorch Ecosystem, and  other popular open source technologies.
 DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI), is Our AI Pilot Project as our  AI Product that's being built with Our In-House AI Team as SaaS + IaaS +  PaaS + MLaaS of AIaaS with its internal modules such as uAI Vision, uAI  Lingo, uAI Predictor (uAI Forecaster, uAI  Learner), uAI Recommender, and uAI Bot.
 And, DBZ uAI is currently able to solve the following Use Cases  (Tasks) using the most effective Evaluation Metrics with Success Metrics (Objectives), ML Methods & (Massive) Datasets;
 Automatic Disease Detection (Diabetic Retinopathy), Perception of  Autonomous Vehicles, Image Generation & Deepfake Detection, Toxicity  Classification & its Bias Detection, Gender Bias Resolution,  Q&A System, Audio Recognition for Conversational AI Bot  and more to come soon for all consumers, enterprises, developers,  researchers universally.
 DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI), is Our AI Product as a Software,  Platform, Infrastructure, incorporates the services of Auto Large-Scale  ML & Deep Learning for Computer Vision, NLP, Next-In Predictions,  Collaborative Filtering, Robotics with Ethical  Policies, Open & Authentic Large-Scale Datasets as Unified Data  Warehouse with Strategic Data Acquisition via AI/Data Strategies, Auto  ML/Data Infrastructure for In-House AI Capability that provides  AI-as-a-Service for ALL, via Custom AI Algorithms Development,  with "AI for ALL" Strategic Policies.
 Use Cases that DeepBrainz Universal AI will solve: AI Tools,  Analytics, Anomaly Detection, Autonomous Driving, Big Data, Cognitive  Reasoning, Computer Vision, Content Generation, AI Paas, CRM, Face,  Image, Object Recognition/Detection/Classification, NLP,  NLU, RPA, Software Tools, Speech Recognition, Conversational AI Bots.

DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI) with the Revenue Generating and  Marketing Strategies such as B2C, B2B, and B2D which are being utilized  in accordance with the use-cases, DeepBrainz Universal AI aim to solve  for the consumers (End-Users), the enterprises,  and the developers respectively. The business revenue models evolve and  change over the use of data for AI.
 Infrastructure: We're planning to run in the back-end and provide  computational services to others. For such cases, the business model, we  plan to follow will be generally based on API calls.    
 Application: We do plan to have applications in the B2C and B2B  space, then later in B2D. Significant activity, however, is seen in the  B2B space where we also plan to offer SaaS-based subscription services.  
 We additionally do plan for the development of a tailored-made  solution and then make you pay monthly running costs as well as  operational support, training, as we are also an AI development team  specialized in building tailored-made solutions for clients.   
 It's the known fact, "The more people using AI, the faster it learns."    
 AI solutions'll be priced by transaction or completed computation via  Serverless Computing. One'll be required to pay as much as you use AI  i.e. "Pay-as-you-go" method.    
 We are still working for an entirely new ecosystem and emerging business model.

And, We're here to help everyone further build, innovate, integrate, accelerate, democratize AI with "DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI)" through the platform, infrastructure, software as the products, solutions, tools & technologies, services that will provide everyone the Success to thrive in the industries and markets due to its excellent features, solutions in the industry.

- Arunkumar Venkataramanan, Founder, MD, CEO, CAIO, DS/ML Practitioner at DeepBrainz

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 A DPIIT Recognized  AI & Technology Startup Company, Building, and Advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-Art AI & the Cutting-edge Technologies, for "Empowering Humanity Universally" through Innovation, Research & Product/Technology Development via Custom AI Algorithms Development!


"AI for ALL is Our Best Policy to Empowering Humanity Universally"

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