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Embrace the Future of AI (GenAI): Join Our Exclusive DeepBrainz AI Trusted Tester Program and Help Shape Human-AI Co-Writing!

Join the DeepBrainz AI Trusted Tester Program

Dear DeepBrainz Community,

Get ready for an exciting journey into the future of AI-powered writing! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Trusted Tester Program for DeepBrainz Copilot, the first product in our revolutionary new Safety-First Human-Centered GenAI AppSuite.

As a select trusted tester, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to be among the very first to experience our groundbreaking AI co-writing assistant, Copilot. You’ll enjoy exclusive early access, discounts, and opportunities to shape the future of this transformative writing tool through your feedback.

Transforming to Lead the Way in Generative AI

To fulfill our mission of democratizing safe AI for everyone, we have transformed DeepBrainz AI Cloud into the New DeepBrainz AI and DeepBrainz Labs. These new platforms harness the power of next-generation Generative AI (GenAI) technology.

DeepBrainz AI is dedicated to building responsible and safe AI through our innovative Safety-First Human-Centered GenAI AppSuite. Meanwhile, DeepBrainz Labs focuses on advancing AI safety through pioneering applied research in Human-Centered Generative AI.

At DeepBrainz, we remain committed to providing advanced AI capabilities with an unwavering focus on safety, security, and user-centricity. This is achieved through our state-of-the-art Safety-First Human-Centered GenAI AppSuite and generative AI safety research.

Introducing DeepBrainz Copilot: Your AI Co-Writing Companion

DeepBrainz Copilot is a next-generation human-AI collaborative writing and editing assistant. Powered by advanced natural language processing like Transformer Models (Self-attention mechanism) and the latest developments in generative AI like Large Language Model LLM, Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback RLHF, and In-Context Learning, Copilot acts as your personal AI co-writer. It provides intelligent suggestions and improvements to enhance your writing in just seconds.

Copilot allows you to effortlessly generate, expand, refine, and polish content. Whether you’re writing a blog post, crafting a compelling sales pitch, or working on an academic paper, Copilot is by your side as a productivity-boosting writing companion.

Revolutionary Benefits of DeepBrainz Copilot

Join our exclusive Trusted Tester Program

We are inviting select content creators and writers to join our exclusive Trusted Tester Program for DeepBrainz Copilot. As a trusted tester, you’ll play an invaluable role in shaping the future of this revolutionary AI writing assistant.

The program provides:

We are looking for testers who:

The number of testers will be extremely limited during this exclusive preview program. Sign up soon for this invaluable opportunity to be among the very first to experience Copilot’s groundbreaking AI co-writing capabilities!

Transform Your Writing with Human-Centered AI

At DeepBrainz, we believe human-AI collaboration is the key to unlocking more empowered, creative, and productive writing.

Copilot is designed based on a human-centered approach to AI that puts users first. Key principles include:

Safety & Control

Augmenting Creativity



When designed ethically, AI can enrich the writing process rather than replace human writers. We invite you to embark on the journey of human–AI collaborative writing.

The Future of Writing is Human–AI Collaboration

The rise of advanced generative AI marks an exciting new frontier. AI capabilities like DeepBrainz Copilot enable writers to create higher quality content in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

But at DeepBrainz, we believe the real magic lies in harmonious human–AI collaboration. This synergy combines human contextual understanding, imagination, and creativity with the data-processing skills of AI.

Together, they form a uniquely powerful hybrid intelligence. As AI continues advancing, human ingenuity becomes even more essential for judgment, wisdom, and oversight over how AI tools are designed, trained, and used.

Our mission is to build writing tools that seamlessly unite the strengths of human writers and AI. We envision fluid human-AI collaboration where both play symbiotic, complementary roles geared toward augmenting humans.

When designed ethically, AI can enrich the writing process rather than replace the human writer. We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us and discover the possibilities of human–AI collaborative writing firsthand.

Unlocking Your Writing Superpowers with DeepBrainz AI

The upcoming launch of DeepBrainz Copilot represents the culmination of our journey pioneering human-centric AI.

We built upon our legacy of Constitutional AI — AI designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest — to create next-generation writing assistants focused on user safety, security, and empowerment.

Our interdisciplinary team has integrated the latest techniques in natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and neural networks to develop an AI writing companion that feels creative, responsive, and cooperative.

The result is an AI assistant that feels like an extension of your mind – quickly grasping context, fluidly sparking ideas, and interactively collaborating to enhance your writing.

We poured our hearts into crafting this uniquely intuitive user experience. Now, we need your help testing Copilot so we can polish it further before public release.

As trusted testers, you have the exclusive chance to unlock your inner writing superpowers with Copilot and guide the future of AI-powered writing collaboration.

Get Early Access to DeepBrainz Copilot

We are thrilled for you to be among the very first to try DeepBrainz Copilot through our Trusted Tester Program. Your candid feedback will be invaluable in refining Copilot’s capabilities before launch.

Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect as an early tester:

Join Our Exclusive Trusted Tester Program

The wait is over – applications for the DeepBrainz AI Trusted Tester Program are now open!

We are excited to finally give you exclusive early access to this groundbreaking AI writing assistant. The program is kicking off immediately so we can rapidly gather insights to enhance Copilot before public release later this year.

As a trusted tester, you’ll get to:

To join, visit DeepBrainz AI Trusted Tester Program and fill out the waitlist signup form.

Given the exclusive nature of this preview program, we will be selecting testers based on their expertise, engagement, and alignment with our human-centric AI mission. Sign up soon before spots fill up!

This is your opportunity to guide the future of AI-powered writing collaboration. We eagerly await your invaluable contributions and cannot wait for you to experience DeepBrainz Copilot firsthand.

Let the era of human-AI creative co-innovation begin!

The DeepBrainz AI Team


What is the time commitment?

When will testing start?

What are the requirements to join?

Will everyone who applies get access?

Can I refer others to apply?

Thank you for your interest in shaping the future of AI-powered writing! We look forward to your participation in the DeepBrainz AI Trusted Tester Program.

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