DeepBrainz AI: "One Solution to a Problem can deliver the Solutions to the Other Million Problems"
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"A Solution to One Problem can deliver the Solutions to the Other Million Problems" - DeepBrainz AI

Why DeepBrainz AI

DeepBrainz Universal AI, an End-to-End Deep Learning, AI Platform and AI-first SaaS for Everyone

DeepBrainz Universal AI

DeepBrainz as DeepBrainz Technologies Private Limited (DeepBrainz Intelligent Systems) is A DPIIT/DIPP Recognized AI & Technology Startup Company with an International or Global Team.

DeepBrainz AI is currently building a core AI product called DeepBrainz Universal AI (DBZ uAI), A Next-Gen Integrated End-to-End Autonomous AI (AutoML) Platform & AI-first SaaS with Edge IoT Platform for Autonomous Healthcare, Connected & Level-4 Autonomous Driving Vehicles, Conversational AI for Everyone from Enterprises to End-users.

DeepBrainz will offer Data & AI/ML Solutions, Services ranging from Healthcare's Medical Diagnosis & Treatment to Level-4 Autonomous Driving to Conversational AI along with various features for solving Uncertainty & Bias in AI, enhancing ML Model's Transparency, Generalizability, Security, and Privacy, for Enabling Human Lives Globally, Socially & Economically.

Industry markets we primarily choose to work with are the intersection of Hard Tech, Healthcare, Autonomous Driving (Connected & Level-4 Autonomous Vehicles).

DeepBrainz Portfolio has the following pillars viz,

  1. DeepBrainz Health,  an AI-first SaaS / AI-first SaaS+IoT Platform for Medical Diagnosis via Medical Imaging
  2. DeepBrainz Driving,  an AI-first SaaS / AI-first SaaS+IoT Platform for Connected & Autonomous Driving Vehicles
  3. DeepBrainz Assistant or DeepBrainz BOT,  an AI-first SaaS / AI-first SaaS+IoT Platform as Conversational AI;
  4. DeepBrainz Universal AI,  an End-to-End Auto AI Platform & Infrastructure as MLaaS + MLOps + SaaS + PaaS + IaaS
  5. DBZ DigiStore aka DeepBrainz DigiStore, a digital distribution platform service is being operated, developed, and maintained by DeepBrainz. The store serves as the official digital store for the DeepBrainz Software /Apps and its other digital products, allowing users to browse and download applications developed with the various AI/ML frameworks, other technologies and published through DeepBrainz
  6. DeepBrainz AI BRAIN,  an AI R&D Unit for Advancing Tomorrow's State-of-the-art AI


Advancing, Building, Democratizing Tomorrow's State-of-the-art (SOTA) AI for ALL, Cutting-edge Technologies via Innovation, Research & Product /Technology Development, Breakthroughs via "AI for ALL" Strategic Policy with Mission, Vision, Core Values.

Why DeepBrainz AI? DeepBrainz AI quotes, "A Solution to One Problem can deliver the Solutions to the Other Million Problems". And, is currently "Standing on the shoulders of giants" (i.e following the top AI giants in the global industry).

We believe that the Possibilities Are Endless Since Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at DeepBrainz AI. Our main goal is to find smart ways of using technology that will help build a  better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.


As we plan for the global Industry Leader position,  DeepBrainz AI will be a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art AI and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

DeepBrainz tackles the most challenging problems in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

Our team aspires to make discoveries that impact everyone, and core to our approach is to share our research and tools to fuel progress in the field.

DeepBrainz with the Revenue Generating and  Marketing Strategies such as B2C, B2B, and B2D which are being utilized in accordance with the use-cases and data, but primarily focused on B2B.

We are still working for an entirely new ecosystem and emerging business model.

Why DeepBrainz

DeepBrainz AI improves people's lives by "AI for ALL" Impact

DeepBrainz AI Technologies -
"AI for ALL" is the Key Strategy to "Empowering Humanity Universally"
DeepBrainz AI Technologies -
"AI for ALL" is the Key Strategy to "Empowering Humanity Universally"
DeepBrainz AI Technologies -
"AI for ALL" is the Key Strategy to "Empowering Humanity Universally"

Why DeepBrainz (FAQs)

A Brief Note about DeepBrainz's Innovation, Improvement and Scalability

DeepBrainz AI (DeepBrainz), A DPIIT (DIPP) Recognized AI & Technology Startup Company, A Universal AI Platform for Enterprises, End-Users, Developers, Researchers & Everyone, A Member of Google Cloud Partner Advantage, An AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner, A Microsoft Partner Network MPN Member, An IBM PartnerWorld Member, An Adobe Exchange Partner Member, A SAP PartnerEdge – Build (PE Build) Partner Member, A Cloudera Connect Partner Member, A Confluent Partner Member, A Nutanix Partner Network NPN Partner Member, A VMware Partner Enrolled Member, An Oracle Partner Network OPN Enrolled Member (also a part of Oracle for Startups), An NVIDIA Inception Program Member, A Neo4j Startup Program Member, A Member of DigitalOcean Hatch (A Global Startup Program), An Udacity Talent Hiring Partner: Building, Advancing, Democratizing Tomorrow's State-of-the-art AI for All, Cutting-edge Technologies, "Empowering HUMANITY Universally" via "AI for ALL" Strategic Policy.

Mission: “Advancing, Building, and Democratizing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI for ALL to Access, and Use, for Empowering Humanity Universally” 

Vision: “AI for ALL is the key to Empowering Humanity Universally”

Core Values: “Passion, Purpose, Determination, Intellectual Curiosity, Innovation, Integrity, Inclusive Diversity, Impact Focus, Creativity of Fun & Cool Ideas, Emergent Leadership, Problem Solving, Deliberate Practice, Effectiveness & Efficiency, Strategic Focus & Execution, Commitment, Disciplined Growth, Simplicity from Complexity, Diligence, Accountability (Responsibilities), Communication, Excellence & Expertise with Skills and Competencies, Thinking Bigger, Starting Simpler, Moving Faster, Working Smarter, Being Grittier with Growth Mindset (Learnability), Making a Difference”

And, our core values are not subject to change but may evolve!

As AI is revolutionizing every industry and having a profound impact on Humanity, a greater impact than electricity, the most important thing humanity ever worked on and is fundamentally changing the way how everything works, DeepBrainz as A DIPP Recognised AI Company primarily focuses on working in the field of Deep Learning, which is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks.

DeepBrainz, A DPIIT Recognized AI Startup believes that AI Transformation can only occur when data, analytics & processes aligned across departments toward One Outcome, and developing & deploying a custom AI solution through strategic focus with a willingness to discover new ways to approach for our business, and a commitment to Innovation by implementing a custom AI solution & becoming an analytics-forward organization with an era of exponential change for our evolution which is now ready to begin.

We DeepBrainz have just started building MVP as "DeepBrainz Universal AI" that is for Entreprises such as Healthcare, etc., End Users (Consumers) & Developers. And, We're still exploring the best Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Methods and will soon have Models in Production.

DeepBrainz Universal AI is an AI Product as a Software, Infrastructure, Platform offering various Services for Everything from Building, Democratizing the State-of-the-art AI Developing AI i.e. AI Building AI itself for Enterprises, End-users, and Developers to Advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI through Disruptive Innovations and is the strategic & game-changing AI Pilot Project with custom AI Algorithms Development and Hybrid AI Product Patterns of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing NLP (Large-Scale Deep Learning), Next-In-Sequence Prediction, Collaborative Filtering via AI Canvas that focuses on advancing, building, democratizing Tomorrow’s Advanced State-of-the-art AI along with the intention for the long-term AI strategic focus on the future DeepBrainz EthicalAGI (Auto-E-AGI) for future Automated & Ethical Artificial General Intelligence and future Ethical Superintelligence EthicalASI.

DeepBrainz AI is currently ("Standing on the shoulders of giants"), following the top AI giants in the global industry such as Google AI, DeepMind AI, OpenAI.

We as DeepBrainz, with various strategies, OKRs & CFRs to solve the biggest, large-scale real-world & business problems across industries for everyone, using Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence particularly in the areas of Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Robotics to deliver the highly unique solutions via Custom AI Algorithms Development for Products focusing Innovation such as “Universal AI” which is our scheduled Product, as a Service, Platform, Infrastructure, incorporates large-scale Auto ML/Data Infrastructure for In-House AI Capability provides AI-as-a-Service via Cutting-edge Technologies such as Serverless Computing & Artificial Intelligence through Effective Serverless AI Engineering, and Strategic Data Acquisition as Open, Authentic, Large-Scale/Massive Datasets with Unified Data Warehouse, Deep Learning for Computer Vision, NLP, Robotics with Ethical Policies.

DeepBrainz's Philosophies and Principles are yet to be available here on the official site.

What are the problems that DeepBrainz is solving?

The Problems that DeepBrainz primarily focuses on solving are in/from the field of AI and Machine Learning. We address the problems arise from the various challenges of Deep Learning, which is the emerging and popular sub-field of Machine Learning, are as follows:   

  1. The Challenges in Labeling of training datasets which is crucial for Supervised learning,    
  2. The Difficulties of creating and obtaining such massive datasets that are sufficiently large and comprehensive.   
  3. The Difficulty of explaining in human terms results from AI models i.e. Explicability or Interpretability of the large and complex (deep learning) models.   
  4. The Generalizability of the learning i.e. Generalization of the AI models continues to have difficulties in carrying their experiences from one set of circumstances to another.   
  5. The Risk of the Bias in Data and Algorithms that causes the unintended bias and the security threats in some important use cases, for instance, in Healthcare and Cybersecurity that are concerned more social in nature. 


While being solved the above-said problems for advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-Art AI, DeepBrainz also aims to focus on Building an In-House AI Capability and Leveraging AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) for Our Own AI-based Customized Product for Innovation that is being built to the Enterprises and Consumers to further address the problems from the various major important & potential use cases across the industries’ sectors, and functions especially High Tech, Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Agriculture, Retail, Finance, etc. through Cutting-edge Technologies such as Machine Learning for democratizing AI Technologies.   

How does DeepBrainz propose to solve these problems?

The proposed solutions to the problems that DeepBrainz solves as follows:


  1. Using the promising new emerging techniques, for addressing the data labeling problem, such as Reinforcement Learning (Deep Reinforcement Learning), In-Stream Supervision, Unsupervised Learning; 
  2. Developing a strategy to acquire massive datasets via say Data Strategy such as Strategic Data Acquisition, and Unified Data Warehouse; 
  3. Achieving Explicability of AI Models through DeepBrainz AI Research for the explainability and interpretability of the AI/Deep Learning models;  
  4. Developing the capability of such AI models using “Transfer Learning” to transfer knowledge to another domain, and Neural Architecture Search NAS; 
  5. Solving Bias via DeepBrainz AI Research to end the Risk of Bias in Data & Algorithms by understanding how the processes used to collect training data can influence the behavior of models they are used to train.

We begin to build a complete in-house AI capability, AI-as-a-Service that makes AI Transformation for DeepBrainz and Everyone. It'll overcome the "first & last mile” problems of AI to deliver step-change performance with our key data engineering process, robust data maintenance and governance processes and modern software disciplines such as Agile and AnalyticsOps/AIOps/MLOps (Analytics/AI/ML + DevOps).  

We also often consider redefining the followings whenever possible,  

  1. Formulating the Data and AI use cases, based on business priorities;    
  2. Understanding the current state of our Data and AI projects and enablers;    
  3. Defining the Data and AI vision and the execution roadmap, including investments;  
  4. Executing the first use cases aiming at production readiness;    
  5. Scaling up operations.  

While being done with the above solutions, we strictly have the strategic action plans for the execution to become the provider of AI technology, applier of AI technology, and policymaker, who sets the context for both. 

Among several other tools and technologies being used at DeepBrainz, we, for now, make use of the open-source tools such as, "PyTorch & Ecosystems" for the Research in Deep Learning and another open-source tool such as, "TensorFlow & Ecosystems" for Deep Learning Models in Production. The other tools and technologies that are being used here at DeepBrainz will soon be announced after the release of the MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product to the industry market. 

We're now moving from Ideation stage (i.e. the development of POC and Prototype for our viable product) to the Validation stage for MVP Development & Release as our product and service are to be built and released to the market at this current level and still working hard with core values and mission towards our vision to move to further stages of the startup such as Early Traction, and Scaling.

What is the uniqueness of DeepBrainz's proposed solution?

As AI has the potential to create value across sectors and also the organizations across the world planning to adopt significant deep learning efforts, we as DeepBrainz do the following to have an Impact.

The uniqueness of our solution is that as our proposed solution is designed and developed in such ways that will help further solve the following crucial and challenging problems as follows:  

  1. It solves the case with AI techniques and data available, where the value is clearly proven, but the cost and complexity of deploying AI are still daunting.
  2. It helps justify the cost and issues around privacy and personal identification, societal concerns, and regulations, as regulatory constraints are especially prevalent in use cases related to personally identifiable information from the use and commercialization of individual data on online platforms, the use, and storage of personal information are especially sensitive in sectors such as banking, health care, and pharmaceutical and medical products, as well as in the public and social sectors.
  3. It additionally addresses the cases, where the value is not yet clear, and the most unpredictable scenario is where either the data (both the types and volume) or the techniques are simply too new and untested.

As the solutions further address these issues, businesses and other users of data for AI will need to continue to evolve our business model related to data use in order to address societies’ concerns, as regulatory requirements and restrictions can differ by the countries and the sectors. 

And, the Uniqueness of DeepBrainz Proposed Solution is to further help deliver the Solutions to Various Several Other Problems around the world.

How does DeepBrainz generate revenue?

While coming to generating revenue and Marketing Strategies such as B2B, B2C, and B2D which are being utilized in accordance with the use-cases, DeepBrainz will aim to solve for the enterprises, the consumer, and the developers respectively.   

The business revenue models evolve and change over the use of data for AI. As the AI Landscape can be divided into two segments in the following:    

  1. Infrastructure: We're planning to run in the back-end and provide computational services to others. For such cases, the business model, we plan to follow will be generally based on API calls.    
  2. Application: We do plan to have applications in the B2B and B2C space, then later in B2D. Significant activity, however, is seen in the B2B space where we also plan to offer SaaS-based subscription services, while some may end up being purchased by important firms after several proofs-of-concept.

We additionally do plan for the development of a tailored-made solution and then make you pay monthly running costs as well as operational support/training, as we are also an AI development team specialized in building tailored-made solutions for clients.  

We do plan to provide the data necessary to build the PoC. It's the known fact, "The more people using AI, the faster it learns." 

AI solutions are priced by transaction or completed computation via Serverless Computing. You'll be required to pay as much as you use AI i.e. "Pay-as-you-go" method.

We are still working for an entirely new ecosystem and emerging business model. 

DeepBrainz Technologies (DeepBrainz AI)

DeepBrainz: "Empowering Humanity Universally" via AI for ALL

DeepBrainz AI Initiative, Tech Startup, Advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI Empowering Humanity
DeepBrainz AI Initiative, Tech Startup, Advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI Empowering Humanity
DeepBrainz AI Initiative, Tech Startup, Advancing Tomorrow’s State-of-the-art AI Empowering Humanity

DeepBrainz Philosophies and Principles

DeepBrainz Philosophies and Principles

(Yet to be Published)


" A Solution to One Problem can deliver the Solutions to the Other Million Problems" 

(Under Development)

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