DeepBrainz Universal AI

Augmented Enterprise AI as a Service for perception, language, and structured data as APIs, and SaaS to deliver best value of AI.

Universal AI Features

Universal AI as augmented enterprise AI engine (enterprise AutoAI engine) makes it easy to augment intelligence with perception, language, and structured data into your applications with unique approach via automated custom AI technologies.

Augmented AI for unstructured data

Helps understand and interpret predictions made by machine learning models, debug and improve model performance, and help understand, visually investigate your models' behavior, generate feature attributions for model predictions.

Image and Video Perception AI

Extract insights from images anywhere and enable content discovery and engaging video experiences.

Audio and Text Language AI

Dynamically detect, converse, translate between languages, reveal the structure and meaning of text and audio through machine learning.

Automated Custom ML for structured data

Automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art ML models on structured data and deliver personalized product recommendations at scale.


Universal AI as augmented enterprise AI engine (enterprise AutoAI engine) works across the industries including Industry 4.O, Mobility, Healthcare, other industry sectors for Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Understanding.

Coming Soon

We're working on delivering our products' services, and solutions for the enterprises.