DeepBrainz AI Vs COVID-19

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Committed To Health via
AI Excellence

DeepBrainz AI for COVID-19 is a set of autonomous enterprise AI solutions for combating and confronting the COVID-19 pandemic as our response to the crisis.

Our Work for COVID-19 Crisis

Our AI Platform for COVID-19 crisis

Conversational AI

DeepBrainz Assistant for COVID-19 is an open-source conversational AI agent (AI-first SaaS), powered by Verily and Google Cloud, that is tailored to COVID-19 diagnostics and the current (latest) updates.

Healthcare AI

DeepBrainz Health for COVID-19, an end-to-end autonomous enterprise AI platform with AI-first SaaS platform for COVID-19 diagnostics, forecasting, genomics analytics.

Edge AI

DeepBrainz Edge AI for COVID-19, a set of AI-driven smart enterprise solutions for public health surveillance, monitoring, contactless entry, movement tracking, geofencing technology, crowd management, smart logistics, fleet management.

Coming Soon

We’re working on delivering our products’ services, and solutions to everyone including the enterprises.