Contact Center AI

Deliver exceptional customer service and increase operational efficiency using contact center AI and enable your virtual agent to converse naturally with customers and expertly assist human agents on complex cases.

Contact Center AI - Features and Benefits

Improve customer service with AI that understands, interacts, and talks. Enable rich and conversational experiences with AI-powered features. It offers humanlike interactions that redefine the possibilities of AI-powered conversation.

Foster relationships, not just transactions

Provide personalized support, immediate service, and quick issue resolution, turning individual transactions into continued customer loyalty.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and operational efficiency

Improve call deflection rates, achieve shorter handling times, and reduce agent training costs, making overall operations faster and more effective.

Turn every agent into a specialist

Free human agents to focus on more difficult and specialized calls, providing them with real-time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance.

Virtual Agent and Agent Assist

Gives customers 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service, with seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues. Empowers human agents with continuous support during their calls and chats by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.


Uses natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment that helps contact center managers learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.

DeepBrainz Assistant for COVID-19

DeepBrainz Assistant for COVID-19 (Powered by Verily and Google Cloud), the COVID-19 virtual agent for businesses

Diagnostics from AI-first SaaS

It's an open-source conversational AI agent (AI-first SaaS), powered by Verily and Google Cloud, that is tailored to COVID-19 Diagnostics and the current (latest) updates. And it's now available as a demo (beta) for free.

Provides latest cOVID-19 Updates

It provides the health systems and hospitals, enabling chat or voice bots via Conversational AI to answer questions about COVID-19 symptoms and provide the latest guidance from public health authorities like the CDC and Prevention and WHO.

Delivers Health-related Information

It can automatically answer frequently asked questions about COVID-19, help users understand possible symptoms and severity, and guide users to relevant information from public health authorities.

Works with various Chat and voice interfaces

It gives you everything you need to work with the conversational (chat or voice) AI bots for the latest COVID-19 responses and guidance from public health authorities like the CDC and WHO.

DeepBrainz Assistant for COVID-19 (Onsite Demo)

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