Automated AI

Automates (augments) the process of applying machine learning to real-world problems

DeepBrainz AutoML

Bringing AI to Your Work

AutoML is as a prepackaged augmented AI solution to the ever-growing challenge of applying machine learning
Features And Benefits

Selects appropriate features, workflows, machine learning paradigms, algorithms, and their hyperparameters and creates off-the-shelf machine learning methods that can be used easily and without expert knowledge.

End-to-end Augmentation

Automated AI covers the complete pipeline from the raw dataset to the deployable machine learning model.

Hyperparameter Tuning​ and Neural Architecture Search

Allows non-experts to make use of machine learning models and techniques without requiring becoming an expert in the field first.

Pre-canned Solutions

Offers the advantages of producing simpler solutions, faster creation of those solutions, and models that often outperform hand-designed models.

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