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A solution to one problem can deliver the solution to the other Million problems

We’re DeepBrainz AI

We create technology to drive AI transformation for enterprises, help companies adopt AI to transform their operations and map out the key strategies for enterprise AI success through our modern human-centered autonomous enterprise AI platform.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build, advance, democratize tomorrow’s responsible AI for digital transformation to make a greater impact on society and economy universally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize human-centered artificial intelligence for everyone to Affordably access and use for empowering humanity universally.

We're an AI Startup (Deep Tech) Company

A Next-Gen Human-Centered Autonomous Enterprise AI Platform For Deep Tech And Industry 4.O Sectors

DeepBrainz AI creates the technology to drive AI transformation for enterprises across industry sectors and accelerates the industry transformation and intelligent automation with the power of AI.

We are a DPIIT (DIPP) recognized AI startup (deep tech) company with a diverse (talent) team, building the core AI product portfolio as a platform that delivers responsible AI technology for unlocking AI adoption in the enterprise.

DeepBrainz AI, An AI startup (deep tech) company, delivering a next-gen integrated human-centered end-to-end autonomous multi-cloud/hybrid (modern) enterprise AI platform with AI-first SaaS and edge AI services as a modern no-code/low-code AI application development and experiment tracking platform for data scientists and developers (builders and innovators) and business decision-makers (entrepreneurs) in the mid-to-large enterprise across industries to source data, build, deploy models, operationalize machine learning insights for driving digital transformation, making AI adoption in the enterprise and democratizing AI for everyone.

Our integrated platform offers data & AI/ML solutions, services ranging from high tech to other deep tech enterprises across the industry sectors and for Industry 4.O and other business use cases along with essential features for solving uncertainty and bias in AI, enhancing ML model’s transparency, generalizability, security, and privacy, for enabling human lives globally, socially and economically.

Our primary industry is AI technology with the machine learning sector otherwise called deep tech or hard tech or high tech including software or internet or information technology.

On scaling, we’re to expand our solution areas ranging from healthcare to level-5 autonomous driving (mobility) to other deep tech and I4.O industry sectors as per the National AI Strategy across the target markets.

We believe that the possibilities are endless since smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at DeepBrainz AI.

Our main goal is to find smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere, anytime.

Our revenue-generating and marketing models such as B2B, B2B2C, B2D, B2C, and B2G are being utilized per the use-cases and data, but primarily focus on B2B with the business model innovation.

We are working for an entirely new ecosystem and an emerging business model.

Our Core Values

What We Believe In








Intellectual Curiosity


Disruptive Innovation


Integrity and Trustworthiness


Inclusive Diversity


Impact Focus and brand thinking


Creativity of Fun and Cool Ideas


Emergent Leadership


Problem Solving With Data And Technology


Deliberate Practice


Design Thinking
(Human-Centered Design)


Simplicity from Complexity


Accountability and Responsibility


Effectiveness and Efficiency


Strategic Focus and Execution Driven


Commitment to Responsible Development


Disciplined Growth


Objectives and Key Results


Conversations, Feedback and Recognition


Thinking Bigger and Starting Simpler


Getting Done Faster And Smarter


Being Grittier with Growth Mindset (Learnability)


Lean and agile thinking


First principle thinking


Being A Great But Not Being An Evil


Platform thinking


Customer-first thinking


Making a Difference

Why Choose Us?

We’re working to develop artificial intelligence responsibly and sensibly in order to benefit people and society.

AI has significant potential to help solve challenging problems, including by advancing medicine, achieving machine perceptions, understanding language, and fueling scientific discovery.

To realize that potential, it’s critical that AI is used and developed responsibly. To that end, we’ll establish principles that will guide DeepBrainz AI applications, best practices to share our work with communities outside of DeepBrainz, and programs to operationalize our efforts.

The ways in which artificial intelligence is built and deployed will significantly affect society. Our AI Principles will form an ethical charter that’ll guide the development and use of artificial intelligence in our research and products.

We consistently develop initiatives, processes, and governance structures to enact our AI Principles, and sharing our progress as we go.

As with other technologies, there will be new policy questions that’ll arise with the use of AI, from governance frameworks, application areas, economic impact, and more. You’ll learn more about our points of view on these and other concrete issues.

Increase ROI by increasing CSAT, reducing TCO with our integrated AI platform and the AI adoption strategies for enterprise AI success.

Our experienced team is the primary strength with diverse talent has participated in multiple international conferences and education-driven initiatives, both as speakers and mentors. The team is composed of certified professionals, practitioners, engineers, researchers, and data scientists, product managers, and other techies – being among the top-ranking data scientists in the Kaggle community – the business & strategy experts, marketers, legal experts, and doctors. Our team avails itself of a group of AI/ML interns as well as a hub of mentors and external professors & experts in the Machine Learning sector.

Companies Trust Us

Our Leadership

Engineering and Management

Founder, CEO (MD), CTO (AI Chief)